SEO Services In Phoenix


Search engine optimization is the process and strategy behind optimizing your web property for search engines.  


 Local SEO

Our SEO Strategy for local SEO is to focus on local search volume and rank well for the keyword phrases in your target location, getting you found in the Local Map Pack, gaining more backlinks so google continues to build trust in you, ensure that website pages are mapped out effectively to target the right keywords, and the content on your pages are relevant to the targeted keywords. These are some of the many steps to build your brand locally.

How we do it

We ensure that Google knows you are a legitimate business we call this the “Google Confidence Algorithm”.  We verify the consistency of your business name, address and phone (“NAP”), associated with your web site this will help your business rank on the map pack. We ensure your business listing is accurate and consistent with Google requirements to rank well locally.


National SEO

The main strategy of National SEO is to target “national intent” and rank well for those keyword phrases which can be difficult. In other words, the location of your business is likely irrelevant to your target audience.  This strategy is more competitive because of the keyword phrases that other national companies are trying to target. It is normal for business owners to struggle in ranking well nationally. At SEOSatori our professional Phoenix Arizona SEO consultants will design a strategy that is tailored to your business goals.   

How we do it:

Step 1:  Our SEO services In Phoenix company will take the time to understand your business goals or KPI’s.

Step 2:  SEOSatori will then conduct a keyword analysis to determine which keyword phrases will be the most effective for your business.  We will then target the competitive word phrases up to 3, we will also target longtail phrases, or keyword phrases up to 5.   This is the most effective approach to a successful SEO campaign.


E-commerce SEO

Search engine optimization is a priority for any successful e-commerce company. Having a solid SEO technique will determine the growth of any e-commerce business. SEO is a top traffic producer and should be made a priority. One of the main benefits of SEO for an e-commerce business is FREE organic visitors which significantly reduces cost per acquisition.  Our well-versed SEO experts can build a strategy around your e-commerce business that can reduce cost, increase traffic, and increase sales!

How we do it:

At SEOSatori, Ecommerce SEO is a favorite.  Ecommerce customers that take advantage of our SEO services In Phoenix are able to target hundreds of different keyword phrases, unique categories, and landing pages.  At SEOSatori, we will help you to take advantage of this huge opportunity.